NEW look, new groups, new destinations, new packages and new adventures…SAME great service to our valued customers, same attention to detail that goes into our unique travel packages and the same dedication to those that have served and are serving our great country.

Join our great adventures in world travel…whether it be for business or pleasure, with associates or friends and family…Eagle Travel will create the experience you are looking for.  Quality of service of our professional travel associates gives added value to your travel experience.



China Tours 

Great Wall

Travelers ascend The Great Wall of China near Bejing.

Eagle Travel has acquired the services of Lee Zhang, a native of Beijing China and citizen of Springfield, Missouri. Lee has agreed to escort Eagle Travel’s groups to China and provide liaison with the Chinese guides at each of our tour destinations…a service exclusively provided by Eagle Travel.

Lee has a master’s degree in International Business and was a Tour Guide in Beijing for businessmen coming to China for the first time.  He speaks perfect Mandarin and provides objective insight to our China destinations that no other American travel professional offers . We hope you will join Lee Zhang and Eagle Travel as we Explore China.


Golf Junkets

Dr. Droege (with club) coaches soldiers at the Ft Leonard Wood AUSA golf tournament.

Dr. Droege (with club) coaches soldiers at the Ft Leonard Wood AUSA golf tournament

Eagle Travel is proud to announce our “value added” golf packages.  In 2013 we are providing a golf professional to accompany our excursions to exotic golf destinations.

Dr. Bill Droege, D.C. will provide clinics, long drive demonstrations and physical conditioning programs to improve your game as a part of Eagle Travels golf packages.

Whether you are a seasoned-pro or a beginner, having an expert on the physiology of golf to assist in improving your stroke or adjusting the mechanics of your game, will add considerably to your unique golf experience.


Academy Mini Reunions 

Eagle Travel’s President, Steve Presley is a 1972 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point.  Eagle Travel will provide fund raising for class gifts along with other programs that sustain West Point’s standard of excellence in education sports and leadership


Event Planning to Support the Troops

Eagle Travel has been on the cutting edge of event planning in support of our country’s most valuable asset…the men and women who are serving and who have served in the Armed Services of America.

In 2005 Eagle Travel’s President, Steve Presley, Co-Founded Operation Homecoming USA, that provided the “first national homecoming for Vietnam Vets”, WELCOME HOME…America’s Tribute to Vietnam Veterans.

This year we have high hopes of planning another extravaganza to support the Wounded Warrior Foundation at Fort Leonard Wood.  St. Louis Sports Celebrities and Hall of Famers are working with Eagle Travel to develop a Golf & Fishing Celebrity Tournament in Branson, Missouri as a fundraiser for this Foundation.

Close to 15,000 Vietnam Vets, friends and family gather on a ridgeline in magnificent Ozark Mountain Country  to watch 12 Headliners of the 60’s (including the Beach Boys, Ann Margaret and The Doobie Brothers) , aerial demonstrations of the Vietnam era aircraft , and broadcast live to the troops serving in Iraq as part of the grand finale of the week long Operation Homecoming USA event held in Branson, MO, June of 2005.